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viviscalViviscal claims its hair system will nourish the hair follicles, stregthen and encourage the growth of existing hair, promote the growth of weaker, less visible hairs, and make hair look more vibrant and feel better

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554 Green Tree Cv, Suite 201
Collierville, TN 38017


Natural Extract Mixture of Marine Origin, Acerola Extract
(corresp. to Vitamin C 30 mg), Silica Compound, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate and Black Currant Flavour.

Ships to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland & Others. See official site for details or availability in stores.
Scam / Fraud Reports: None Found
Return Policy: Contact merchant for details

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  1. been using [viviscal] since Feb and cant say that I have noticed any real diff. Thought it was at first but maybe you want to believe that it will work so you think that it is… Tis expensive too but wouldnt mind paying if it did really work. If MPB is caused by what everyone says then will some herbal pills really do anything to change that?

  2. My experience… its ok.

    For the first 3 months or so, nothing at all, and I didnt notice a shed. After that there was a small amount of thickening, but i didnt notice any velous hairs growing around the hairline, so whether this mildly increased the hair shaft or actually grew new hair i really dont know. No pictures unfortunately. But it was certainly nothing spectacular… Would i go back and take it again? Simply put, no i wouldnt. It is pretty damn expensive, especially if you take it twice a day.

  3. i’m also on Viviscal first 6 months on the original version sold in the black box, and now have a 3 month supply of Viviscal for men. I have seen no difference either and doubt i will after this last 3 moths supply is done

  4. i’ve been on it for 5 months now, hairs still falling out and getting thinner in the crawn than i was 5 months ago. So i’d say i’m continuing losing my hair and it hasn’t helped at all.

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