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regenixThe Regenix Jump Start Kit consists of 12 bio-pharmaceutical hair loss treatments (a 30 day supply when used 3 times per week), three hygiene products to use in conjunction with the treatment (Shampoo, Cleanser, Protectant), forms for sending in hair samples for the first hair micro-analysis, and an instructional DVD.

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Cedars-Sinai Medical Office Towers
8631 West Third Street, Suite 420-E
Los Angeles, CA. 90048


A, B, Series D, E, F, H1 and H2 P, Amino Benzoic Acid, Inositol, Calium d-Pantothenate, 8-Hydroxyquinolene Sulphate, Live Yeast Cell Extract, Folic Acid, Chlorobutanol, Menthyl Nicontinate, Organic Sulfur, Nucleic Acids.

Herbal Extracts:
Horse Tail, Stinging Nettle, Horse Chestnut, Birch, Burdock Root, Mistletoe, Chamomile, Hops, Balmint, Fennel, Yarrow, Soluble Collagen Derivatives, Quaternary Derivatives of Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein, Glucose, Glutamate, Biotin, Plant Protein, Saw Palmetto Berry Extract

Ships to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland & Others. See official site for details or availability in stores.
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  1. I also gave Regenix a try. They had me pluck a few hairs from different parts of my head and fill out some questions and send it in. They contacted me and told me I was a candidate and to give them a call. I called them and they set me up on a program. I was on Regenix for about a year and it is absolute bull SH*T! It cost me around $1000. It’s a scalp cleanser and a solution and a couple other things you apply in a particular order to your scalp. It burns and turns red for a few minutes and they told me that this means it is working. Psh…absolute bull crap. Don’t fall for it and Matthew Mcwhatever is a lying loser. He had a HT and that’s no doubt.

  2. Regenix scammed me, would not give me the promised refund after the 30 day trial. They encouraged me to use it for the full 30 days and then call them, then said I had to return the unused product WITHIN the first 30 days to get a refund. Any company that uses these tactics does not even believe in the product themselves.

  3. At one point I was really thinking about regenix. I serously woulda been suckered with them if they didn’t have a receptionist that didn’t know anything. I just thank god they have a dummy receptionist. If they had a smart one I woulda paid 300 bucks a month plus go through emotional pain of not seeing results. Gotta be carefull with these things.

  4. i went on the regenix program a year ago…and their big claim to fame was that mattew mconahey grew his hair on their product. i visited the offices in l.a….its a 2 step system you shower with the cleanser and shampoo , then apply a leave- in type lotion in the morning

    then at nights you apply this solution that they make for you specifically and put on a heated head cap for 20 minutes…i did this for 4 months and it cost me near 800 dollars


    stay clear from these guys its all hype,,,

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