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Thinning hair is not pleasant for anyone. However, you must understand that it is a part of the natural aging process. In 95% of cases, it is genetic and in this case, men and women may notice hair loss from their 30s onward. After the age of 50, most women will complain about hair loss. In several other cases, such as pregnancy and menopause hair loss can also be expected. However, just because the process is normal, doesn’t mean you have to sit there and do nothing about it. There are various hair loss treatments out there and in recent years there are even more hair loss treatment options available.

Your Diet Plays a Role in Hair Loss

Your hair needs protein to grow and remain healthy. Other vitamins such as iron. zinc and vitamin B12 are also needed for a healthy head of hair and can be found in fish, lean meats, leafy greens, beans and nuts. So it is in your hair’s best interest to get your daily portion of these food groups.

Massage Therapy

If you can get this right, the you are half way to getting a fuller head of hair. Try to massage your hair in the shower as often as possible. This stimulates dead hair follicles to regrow hair. Massaging your scalp causes the blood flow in your head to increase and circulate reviving dead hair follicles. Massaging will also improve the absorption of hair treatments.

Reduce the Usage of Styling Devices

This may not comes as a surprise to you, however many women still subject their hair to this torture day after day. Styling devices such as hair irons, curling tongs and hair dryers all cause you hair to become dry and brittle. It also causes your hair to thin and fall out. So reducing the use of these devices will do your hair a whole lot of good and if you have to use these devices, ensure that you treat your hair at least once a week to restore any natural oils lost in the process.


This is the only FDA approved drug for hair loss. It has years of research behind it and at least 50% of women who use it, see positive results. This FDA approve drug basically works by enhancing the size of the follicles so that they produce bigger strands of hair. The amount of time it will take to do this varies from one person to another, however most women see results eventually. Provillus is a well known brand.

Blood Tests

In many cases, hair loss is due to an iron or vitamin D deficiency in the body and in this case a supplement to restore iron and vitamin D levels will do the trick. However, you will never know unless you go for your routine blood work tests.

Getting Hormone Help

In certain cases, some women are genetically predisposed to female pattern hair loss. In serious cases, you should consider and RX. During menopause, hair thinning may increase and being on hormone therapy can minimize hair loss.

Cortisone Shots

These shots will hurt, however, it will block the hormonal activity responsible for hair thinning. These shots are especially helpful for patients with inflammatory scalp disease.

See a Doctor

In most cases, the above remedies will work for hair loss. However, in some cases, hair loss may be a symptom of something else going on in your body. It may be a sign that there is another medical condition that needs your attention. Hormone and thyroid irregularities as well as lupus and anemia are other conditions that may be present in your body. You should definitely see a doctor if the hair loss is sudden and excessive.

Other types of Hair Loss Treatment

Inflammation of the follicles is a common cause of hair loss. Laser treatment can reduce the inflammation, causing hair to regenerate. According to a research experiment, participants saw positive results in hair density after weekly treatments using a laser device. The device was taken home and used twice a week for a period of 26 weeks.

Hair Transplants

In cases where hair loss is genetic, the above treatments will help to slow down the process and possibly even restore some hair that has fallen out, however, there is no permanent solution for it, other than doing a hair transplant. The ideal candidates for this include men and women with female pattern boldness and those who have experienced burns on the scalp, or any other type of scalp injury. The process involves removing parts of the scalp that are producing much hair and surgically implanting it into parts of the scalp that are not producing any hair.

Scalp Reduction

Another surgical alternative that provides a permanent solution to hair loss is scalp reduction. This process involves removing parts of the scalp that have dead follicles and are therefore no longer producing any hair. The sections of the scalp that are actively producing new strands of hair are then stretched over other hair bearing sections of the scalp. There will naturally be some pain experienced during and after surgery and headaches can also be expected for a short time afterwards.

There are various hair loss treatments available out there, however, you should first try and get your diet and lifestyle right. Once you have confirmed that you are not lacking any crucial vitamins and minerals and you don’t have any medical conditions that could be causing your hair loss, you should then attempt the above treatment options. People suffering from hair loss must also realize the significant part that stress plays in this process. So attempting as many stress relief options as you can may also do you a world of good.

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