Dealing With Hair Loss

hair-loss-solutionsHair loss is an uncomfortable issue that both men and women often have to cope with. Though there are lots of types of treatment for hair loss such as topically and orally taken remedies, some people prefer a more natural way of dealing the issue. If you want a natural treatment for hair loss, you have a variety of choices to consider.

But first, we need to understand why you are balding. Your hair loss could be genetic in origin. Otherwise it’s possible that it’s caused by some more serious medical problem.

Sometimes you can help your hair loss problem just by treating the medical issue that underlies it. But hair loss that is genetically based or cause by  stress or the use of  harsh chemicals in styling products, there are numerous natural remedies that are worth looking in to. You can massage your scalp with essential oils. These can often promote and speed up the growth of your hair.

The best way to do an essential oil scalp massage is while you take a shower. The reason for this is to stop unsightly oiliness. You’ll still get the benefits of the oil, but you won’t come away looking oily. The oils can even improve the effect of your shampoo and conditioner making your hair even better.

Another natural way to improve some kinds of hair loss is good nutrition. What you eat should have enough fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats including olive and fish oils. Supplementing your diet with a fish oil capsule will get you the Omega 3 and 6 oils your body may be deficient in. Another supplement to try is Provillus, which has numerous vitamins and other ingredients which stimulate the growth of your hair.

Before taking any treatments for hair loss, consult with your doctor first. It is vital to rule out any serious medical conditions and ensure that any natural treatments you’re considering will not interact with prescription you might be taking.

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