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crescinaCrescina is a hair loss product from Italy with Swiss patents pending.

The Crescina formula consists of a dilution in a suitable hydroalcoholic agent, of a series of functional substances, each typified by its own individual function and activity. The company claims all of them contribute to rendering the product effective.

The company manufacturer claims the hydroalcoholic agent combined with manual massage during topical application of Crescina helps these functional substances to be distributed over the scalp and gently stimulate blood supply to reach the hair bulb, which is more receptive to being penetrated by the substances.

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Hubertus Apotheke Tiroler Strasse 14 9800 Spittal



Ships to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland & Others. See official site for details or availability in stores.
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  1. you are ridiculously overpriced . i am not sure you can sustain the sales of your brand with these prices . a box for a month consuption cost 400 USD !!!! how can someone use it for a period !!!

  2. I’m 22 (will be 23 in a 2 weeks). I had a receeded hairline since I was like 17 or so but never paid much attention to it… I took Crescina (bad move – it’s a snake oil stay away and makes your face red like you would drink a 0.5l of vodka). Then came the autumn and now winter. It was devastating for my hair…it has never been so bad.

  3. I was using it last year for 2 months… It had a water consitency and when some of it came down to your face during the application the whole face was turning red. I don’t know maybe it was supposed to improve blood flow or sth. When I look in the ingridients they looked like snake oil really. It had that all “natural” stuff that was talked about: I think it had zinc, pentanol and some other stuff. I thought that for those two months my hairloss slowed down because I wasn’t finding almost any hair during the shower and stuff. I didn’t get any regrowth. But one thing that I noticed was that my hair on top started to grow slower. I don’t know if it was the Crescina or is it MPB and hair miniaturization process.

    Ohh and it’s overpriced like hell so I couldn’t keep up the regimen

  4. added crescina about a year ago… Creacina slowed hair loss but wasn’t good enough so stopped using it in jan 07, being very concerned that i needed something else

  5. I bought Crescina 300. The new one comes with a “complete treatment” as the call it. So you get 6 ampoules for hair loss and 6 for regrowth. I used this whole package for 2 months and they said there should be a visible effect after that period of time.

    Well as far as I can see it did nothing for regrowth. My hair as still falling out in a men baldness pattern. I’ve noticed a bit less hair in the sink while wash my hair or sth but still see that my hairline is receeding (spelling?)

    Also side effects: when you use it and the liquid will accidently come down to your face (which is very likely if you are not careful) your whole face is gonna turn red for at least an hour. So that’s basically it. Oh and it’s darn expensive.

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