Coping With Hair Loss

Hair loss is an inevitable fact of life. Eventually, it happens to almost everybody but it does not happen the same way. Some people get a receding hairline, others get a bald spot somewhere on the skull and many people experience male pattern baldness. When your hair begins to disappear, it is time to look at options that will help you cope with the new reality. Hair loss is not a life threatening condition but your reaction to this change is crucial. Below are some great options for coping with hair loss.

You can simply shave your head and wear the bald style. This is a very smart move because it means you have accepted the inevitable and you have turned it to an advantage. You do not have to worry about “not looking cool” if you opt for this style. In fact, a bald pate is the way to go these days. Many rocks stars, soccer stars and celebrities have embraced this trend already. If you spot the smooth skull look, you are in good company.

In case you do not want to shave your head, you can simply change your hairstyle. You have lost some of your hair but you are not completely bald. Just ask your barber to give you a new style that will flatter your receding hairline. Do not brush your hair over the bald spot because this does not work. Get a new style and maintain it properly. This way, you will make the most of the current situation and still look good.

Accept hair loss as positive proof of your masculinity. Medical experts claim that men who get bald early have high levels of testosterone. As you probably know, testosterone is the male virility hormone. This hormone fuels your sex drive and gives you a deep and sexy voice. For some reasons, this hormone attacks the hair on your head and this is why you lose some of your hair. The point here is that losing your hair is a small price to pay for an increase in virility. Accept hair loss as proof that you are virile and you will even enjoy this condition.

Coping with hair loss has a lot to do with being smart. Your hair is rapidly disappearing but you do not have to advertise this fact. Wear a face cap, a hat or a bandana and make this part of your sartorial style. You should wear head warmers in cold weather and straw hats when it is hot. This way, you accept the inevitable and you even make it work to your advantage.

One smart way to cope with hair loss is to look after what is left. You have lost some of your hair but this is not a death sentence. Instead of crying over what you have lost, you should take good care of what is left. Invest in excellent hair care products and protect your hair. Do not rub your hair after you wash it. Just pat it gently until it is dry. Use a mild shampoo and a high quality conditioner to keep your hair healthy. In fact, the right grooming tips and the right products will make it appear that you have not lost any hair at all.

Researchers have made a connection between the Japanese diet and a full head of hair. The Japanese diet is low in saturated fat and this is why Japanese men rarely suffer from hair loss. You can learn a lot from the Japanese here. Cut down or cut out saturated fat entirely from your diet. A low fat diet is great for your hair and it is even better for your blood pressure.

If you want a topical medication for hair loss, your best bet is Minoxidil. You can buy this medication over the counter and apply it at home in accordance with the instructions. It comes in cream or foam and it works for most people. You may not get the full head of hair you enjoyed in your much younger days. However, Minoxidil can slow down or stop future hair loss.

In case topical medications do not work for you, you can go natural. Some excellent herbal remedies for hair loss are peppermint, stinging nettle, Aloe Vera, ginseng and saw palmetto. Peppermint improves blood circulation and stimulates the hair follicles to produce more hair. Stinging nettle leaves prevent hair loss by attacking the hormones responsible for hair loss. For best results, you can combine olive oil with stinging nettle leaves. Rub this combination on your scalp and you will notice dramatic results. Other herbal remedies for hair loss are Jojoba oil, pumpkin seed extract, pink grapefruit and flaxseed oil. Provillus is another choice.

Coping with hair loss comes down to being patient. It does not matter whether you are using herbal remedies or topical medications. For both options, you need to be patient because these products do not work overnight. Once you are committed to a particular plan, stick with it for a while and do not expect immediate results. Most of these remedies take several weeks or a few months to work.

In many cases, hair loss is an inherited condition. If your father had a receding hairline, chances are you will get one when you hit a certain age. This is nothing to be ashamed of because it is part of your heritage. Cultivate a positive attitude because this is one of the best ways of coping with hair loss.

If you want a dramatic reversal of hair loss, you should consider a hair transplant. This is an expensive process but the result is worth the price. This surgical procedure is usually accompanied by treatment with the right drugs to ensure that you get the best results. Please, consult medical experts before you take the extreme option of a hair transplant.

Hair loss might be an inconvenience but it is not a disease. A receding hairline is nothing to be ashamed of so you should maintain a positive attitude. Try out the tips above and you will easily cope with hair loss.

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