Benefits Of Hair Transplants

Studies have found that an estimated 70 percent of men will experience some sort of hair loss, at some point, during their lifetime. Considerable hair loss does not normally start until middle age; however, there are individuals who experience hair thinning during the adolescent years.

At any age, women can begin to lose their hair. A common hair loss pattern in women is diffused thinning over the top of the entire head. No matter when hair loss occurs, the experience can be devastating. The causes of hair loss are many and varied. They include age, stress, autoimmune diseases and genetics. Hair transplants are the only permanent method of restoring lost hair.

A number of men and women who are afflicted with hair loss are self-conscious and feel less attractive. A recent survey found that the majority of respondents stated that they believe their career social life would be affected by hair loss. Sixty-seven percent of respondents stated they would be worried if they experience hair loss while dating. Seventy-five percent stated they would be worried if they experience hair loss at the start of their career.

Hair Transplants Surgery

Hair transplants can assist in rolling back the years and provide you with your desired appearance. Hair transplant surgery is essentially a procedure used to graft hair follicles taken from a donor area on the patient’s scalp. This hair is then implanted into the area where the hair loss occurred. Essentially, the procedure involves extracting strips of hair follicles or follicular units, then transplanting them. Sometimes the hairs are transplanted one by one to ensure the new hair will grow again from that location.

Over the years, the popularity of hair transplants has continued to grow. This is largely due to enhanced technologies that have made the procedure less invasive. The high success rates, faster healing time and the remarkably natural results have all contributed to its popularity as well.

Specific Benefits of Hair Transplant

Below are details of some of the specific benefits you will be able to get from having hair transplants:

Improve Your Looks

Having a more youthful and overall more improved appearance is the main reason individuals get hair transplants. Looking better could positively impact both social and professional interactions.

Hair loss, particularly when it happens prematurely, can make individuals look older than their actual age. Hair transplants will provide you with a full head of hair and significantly contribute to boosting your confidence. Therefore, you will both look and feel better.

Safe Process

Hair transplant procedures have been carried out for over 50 years and have an exceptional record of success and safety. The procedure does not involve any special medicines or chemicals that could be damaging to your hair or other parts of your body.

Due to improved practices and ongoing technological advancements, hair transplants appear tremendously natural. These days, doctors can use follicular units that contain just a few hairs to expertly recreate a full, natural head of hair. As they are the natural hair of the recipient, the follicles transplanted will continue to grow throughout the lifetime of individual.

Improved Self-Esteem

Many individuals who suffer from hair loss do not like their appearance and this often results in lowered self-esteem. A number of these individuals feel like social misfits and feel as if there is nothing they can do about it. However, hair transplants provide a means of having patients regrow hair in problem areas, with remarkable results. This boosts self-confidence and enables individuals to start loving their reflection in the mirror again. Some of these individuals even develop an overall better outlook on life.

Eradicate Bald Spots

Once the hair transplant procedure is done, you will be well on your way to saying bye-bye to all your hair-related issues. You will not have to be concerned about bald spots or a receding hairline since the hair transplant procedure can solve all of those problems. The results of hair transplant procedures are highly effective and it is very unlikely that you will see bald spots again. Hair growth following a procedure will not be the same as natural growth; however, it will be extremely similar to it.

Low Maintenance

Getting very manageable hair is another amazing feature of hair transplants. Transplanted hair is yours so it works naturally and no special chemicals or shampoos need to be applied to maintain its density. The hair transplant procedure is a onetime process as well. Additionally, you will not have to go to the doctor over and over again. Typically, transplanted hair lasts a lifetime; therefore it is definitely cost effective.

Cost Effective

Hair transplants are initially more expensive than going out and purchasing one of those gimmick remedies from an infomercial or drugstore. However, the fact is you will need to buy those remedies multiple times and some of them never produce any positive or lasting results. With hair transplants, the procedure will eventually save you more money, over time. The money spent on gimmick remedies add up after a while. Again, a lot of those products do not even deliver on their promises.

Details on the Procedure

Hair transplants are typically performed in the surgical suite in a doctor’s office or in outpatient surgery centers. A mild sedative and local anesthetic ensure a pain-free procedure. Postoperative discomfort differs from one individual to the next and the pain can typically be controlled by oral pain medication.

Many recipients of hair transplants do not require bandages and can go back to their regular routine within 24 hours. In the space of 3 months after the hair transplant, the new hair will have started to grow normally. The hair totally looks and feels natural, which is one of the biggest benefits of all.

Hair transplants are life changing. They help to make your appearance more youthful and more attractive. If you have experienced hair loss, you can use hair transplant surgery to reverse the process. For men and women looking for a boost in appearance and self-confidence, this is the ideal solution.

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